7 Things You Will Never Hear Your Members Say About Your Church Website That You Should

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Oh yeah, “about your church website Pastor!” We are all sweet and perfect Christians, right? We all know the answer to that. None of us are perfect. Ministry and church life can often be very hard. It is a different kind of beast compared to anything else out there. Yet, we are all called to be Christlike even when things are tough, irritating, and not agreeable to us. One of the things I have found being in ministry for years now is that we choose to error by faking nice, even when we do not want to be. We put on …

Get Results Online For Your Church

5 Point Checklist To Get Results Online This Year

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2017 is in full swing. Before we know it, 2018 will be upon us unless of course, the Lord comes back(smile). If you are already committed to utilizing the internet as a church, you no doubt want to get results online this year from your efforts. Are you are seeing good results online so far this year? Good for you and this post may help you continue to get results online! We are now approaching the first quarter of the year. As a church, I am sure you hope that by now you have some good strategy, processes, and goals …

Church Facebook Strategy - 3 Proven Ways to Grow

3 Proven Facebook Strategies Your Church Should Be Using To Grow

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How is Facebook working out for you? Seeing results? Yes, no, maybe so… Facebook has been for a while now and still is, the “social media giant”. Most churches use Facebook now. What is an effective church Facebook strategy? When churches first started to use Facebook more a few years back they were using it in a very basic fashion. An occasional event update, thought or verse of the day, and maybe some pictures of the last outreach. These, of course, are good things to share as a church on Facebook. Are you still just doing these things? You should …

Strong Impact With Your Church Website

How To Make A Strong Impact With Your Church Website By Doing These 3 Things

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How to make your church website better blah blah.Yeah Yeah, you have read something like this before. You may be saying to yourself, why should I read another post like this? Well, if your church website is getting you great results then perhaps you do not need to read this post. I would say that if you are Mr great website already, read on so you can pat yourself on the back. Affirm that you going in the right direction! Almost every church has a website now. I rarely come across a church without one these days. Still, I do come across …

church website photography

How to Choose Compelling Church Website Photography

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Let’s talk about Church Website Photography. More specifically, Compelling Church Website Photography! So everyone has heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This saying has been around forever and is definitely over-used. However I believe it holds true even more now than in years past. Why? A recent study shows that people on average across the Internet, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, and Radio are hit with 360 marketing messages daily! So this means you have to visually stand out big time to get people’s attention these days with whatever it is you want them to know about you. …

interactive church website

An Interactive Church Website Past to Present

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What is an interactive church website, really? If you have been a part of or have known a little about the church web industry for a while now you will have heard the words “interactive church website” a time or two for sure. When church websites were born on the internet they all started out like very static brochures or were postcard-like pages. They just gave the user who came to the website the information the organization felt that user needed to have. But when did an interactive church website become important? Well after a couple years, the need for …

church website branding is important

Church Website Branding Is A Bigger Deal Than You Think

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“Branding” is a bit of a buzz word right now out there in ministry and within church leadership. Over the past couple of years ministry leaders have started to realize that they need a brand for their local church or ministry. This is a good thing! I remember a time when churches just thought doing a couple different things for their marketing or just having a website out there was good enough. “It covered the base” so to speak and that was enough. It’s refreshing to now see pastors and ministry leaders knowing they need to go deeper and do …

Best Church Websites for 2016

Best Church Websites That Will Light Up 2016

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I believe 2016 will be an amazing year for church website design! That is what everyone said at the end of last year too right? It is easy to assume and think website design improves each year because technology is always advancing and so on.  While this is true to an extent, each year sees something different than the last that gives it it’s own uniqueness. In my opinion this year was one of the most unique and creative one’s producing some of the best church websites ever. With mobile web browsing surpassing desktop/laptop usage this year, church website design took …