6 Tools To Ensure The Safety Of Your Church Website

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The safety of your church website is paramount to building a good reputation with visitors and search engines. Safety and security are often overlooked parts of website maintenance, especially for smaller sites. The problem is, hackers don’t care about the size of your site. They love stealing resources, lifting user data and using sites to pass on malware to unsuspecting visitors. All it takes is a little regular maintenance to protect your church community and potential new members. Besides, no one wants to deal with the cleanup after a site’s been hacked. 1. Use Backup Software No matter what else …

the absolute worst church website advice

The Absolute Worst Church Website Advice We’ve Ever Heard

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Your webmaster told you what?   Oh. No. He. Didn’t! There is no shortage of terribly bad church website advice out there. We hear it every day. Some person who used to work in some tech field says that your website needs to do this and not do that. Here’s the thing – What may have been good advice in 2008 might be a terrible idea today. In fact, some of those “great tips” might be hurting your website today. Let’s walk through the bad church website advice that we hear most often.  If you have to open a new …