5 Foolproof Ways To Reach Unchurched Young Adults Online

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If your church isn’t online, it might seem like it’s impossible to reach unchurched young adults. The truth is, churches need an online presence to better reach this demographic.

Even though they’re unchurched, many of these young adults aren’t opposed to church. They either aren’t interested in attending an actual location or already have other commitments. However, they still want spiritual guidance.

Thanks to the Internet, you now have foolproof ways to ensuring your message reaches today’s younger adults. It’s a powerful tool for reaching those that once seemed unreachable.

custom church website button1. Make Your Church Easily Accessible

This is the most important step – make your church accessible. If the only way you’re currently trying to reach unchurched young adults is by a sign outside the church or asking members to spread the word, you might not reach as many people as you might hope.

The younger generation lives online. It’s where they find information, research things to do (such as going to church) and socialize. Make your church accessible online to reach this demographic where they live. If you’re easy to find, you’ll reach the unchurched easier.

2. Go Social And Stay Social

When done right, social media is the perfect way to engage unchurched young adults. Millions of people use social media every day. However, it’s not enough to just post announcements sometimes. You have to be active. Respond to comments and questions. Encourage people to share your posts with their own friends and followers. Even if the younger unchurched don’t find your social media accounts, they might still see a post from one of their friends.

Facebook is one of the most popular networks, but it’s not the only one. Experiment with a few popular options to see where you get the best responses.

Not sure what to post or how to interact on social media as a church? Check out these great examples of churches who use social media right.

3. Showcase Engaging Services Online

Church and entertainment might not seem like they go hand in hand, but the young adults of today are also known as the entertainment culture. If you want to reach them, you have to offer high quality, engaging services. Post these services online and you’ll find it easier than ever to connect with the unchurched. Once they see that your church offers the kind of services that they want, they’ll be more likely to attend.

It’s important to remember that “entertaining” doesn’t have to mean flashy lights and music that’s so loud it makes your ear drums hurt. In this aspect, it means making services relevant to today’s issues, telling a few jokes, truly explaining the week’s message and playing off the church members. That’s all young adults really want – services that make them feel like part of the community instead of a bystander watching TV.

4. Get Smart And Go Mobile

A whopping 77% of adults own a smartphone¬†and 92% of young adults between 18-29 own a smart phone. If you want to reach unchurched young adults, you need some form of mobile presence. A mobile app and/or a mobile-friendly website are crucial to reaching this demographic. Many young adults search for churches, read the Bible and engage with church websites on their phones. If your church isn’t available on mobile, it’s nearly impossible to reach them.grow your church button

5. Encourage Community Among Everyone

Did we mention that young adults love to socialize online? Use this to your advantage to reach them. Add a community section to your website where visitors can ask questions and talk to not just church leaders, but church members. Ask for volunteers to help monitor social media and respond to comments and share posts.

The idea is to create a true community that accepts everyone. Consider adding a forum, creating regular blog posts and asking interactive questions on social media. The more of community atmosphere you create online, the easier it is to reach unchurched young adults.

Reach Unchurched Young Adults Now

Young adults are eager to hear what you have to say. You just have to reach out to them online. Make it easier for them to connect with you online and you have a foolproof plan for reaching this unchurched demographic.

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