7 Church Leadership Podcasts Pastors Need To Subscribe To Today

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If you’re feeling lost or just want to become a better leader, church leadership podcasts help give you the inspiration and motivation you need.

Podcasts are easy to subscribe and listen to whenever you have a free minute. Learn about current issues facing your church family, creative ways to engage members and even the best ways to attract new members.

Make sure you subscribe to all five of these podcasts and be ready to take notes. You’ll be amazed at what you learn and how you can apply it immediately.

1. 5 Leadership Questions

custom church website buttonA podcast that makes you think is always a good thing. The 5 Leadership Questions podcast features Todd Adkins and Barnabas Piper and is presented by LifeWay Leadership. The purpose of this podcast is to help church leaders learn from other leaders. It’s a great way to see what’s working for other leaders and use their advice to help you and your church. Every guest is asked the same five questions.

2. Rainer On Leadership

The Rainer on Leadership podcast is hosted by Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe. The twice-weekly podcast provides advice to church leaders on topics such as church building, volunteering, staffing and much more. This is one of the more popular church leadership podcasts that focuses on everyday challenges church leaders face.

3. Signposts

Russell Moore’s Signposts podcast discusses a wide range of topics, such as current events, cultural issues, leadership and more. His church leadership podcasts are a great way to learn how to better connect with your members and understand non-members too.┬áMake sure you subscribe since the schedule is a little random and you won’t want to miss the latest episode.

4. Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Want to learn from some of ministry’s top leaders? Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast does just that. Listen in as Nieuwhof interviews some of the most well-known leaders in ministry today. He seeks to help church leaders become better leaders and improve their church at the same time. He even has conversations with leaders you may not know to provide a wide range of insight into church leadership.

5. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

grow your church buttonThe Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast focuses on helping you become the leader you want to be. Groeschel takes the approach that leadership is learned. Get insights into becoming a better leader and understanding your members. The idea is to help you learn how to solve problems in creative ways.

6. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Learn directly from one of the top ministry leaders, Andy Stanley. The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast features topics that help church leaders reach their potential faster. Discover how to build a better church culture, the most effective leadership strategies, how to build the best team and more. He even answers listener questions from time to time.

7. Social Media Church

Social Media Church is one of the best church leadership podcasts for learning how to embrace technology to build your ministry. It’s┬áhosted by Nils Smith and Jay Kranda. They lead discussions that explore the best strategies for using social media and technology. The podcast features interviews about how specific churches are finding success at connecting with members and engaging non-members.

Subscribe To These Church Leadership Podcasts Now

The key to becoming a better church leader is just a podcast away. Subscribe to all of these, which vary from twice weekly to once every few months. You’ll never run out of inspiration and new strategies to continue building your church. The podcasts are also great ways to refresh your strategy to better reach the younger unchurched. If you want to grow as a leader, use the advice of expert leaders who are ready to guide you.

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