Leading Your Church As A Micromanager Isn't Passion angry boss

Leading Your Church As A Micromanager Isn’t Passion

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Leading your church means you have to be passionate. After all, church staff and members are going to follow your lead and if your passion doesn’t shine through, they might not feel as motivated. The problem comes when you start to micromanage. The more you make this mistake, the less passionate you seem. In fact, it comes off as controlling. It isn’t an effective way to lead a church and could have some negative results. Passion Motivates Your passion is what helps motivate others to join with you. Whether it’s getting volunteers for an activity or making new members feel …

Apps for Churches

6 Church Apps To Make Life Easier For Your Members

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If you want your church members to stay involved even after they’ve left church, it’s time to start recommending some digital options to make life easier for your members. What’s the one thing most, if not all, of your members always have with them? That’s right – their smartphone. By recommending church apps to your members, you’ll keep them engaged with their faith throughout the week. From socializing to delving deeper into God’s word, these six apps are designed to create a more engaged community, even when your members can’t make it to church that week. The Olive Tree Bible …