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6 Church Apps To Make Life Easier For Your Members

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If you want your church members to stay involved even after they’ve left church, it’s time to start recommending some digital options to make life easier for your members. What’s the one thing most, if not all, of your members always have with them? That’s right – their smartphone. By recommending church apps to your members, you’ll keep them engaged with their faith throughout the week. From socializing to delving deeper into God’s word, these six apps are designed to create a more engaged community, even when your members can’t make it to church that week. The Olive Tree Bible …

how to make your website irresistible to visitors

Growing Your Church – How To Make Your Website Irresistible to Visitors

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Growing your church might seem like an impossible task, but it could become a little easier with the right website. The key is to make that website completely irresistible to visitors. Your website has the power to inform, engage and turn visitors into life long members. However, if your website turns visitors away, they’ll never even try your church. All it takes is a little effort to turn any church site into something engaging and irresistible. Avoid Driving Visitors Away Obviously, the first step is to avoid driving visitors away to begin with. We covered church website mistakes back in …

9 important church statistics for 2017

9 Important Church Statistics For 2017

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Sometimes it’s hard to see why church attendance is dropping or what things need to change to appeal to those still trying to find their faith. When you look at church statistics, don’t get discouraged. Yes, the numbers might make you want to throw up your hands and leave it all in God’s hands, but they just prove that the world hasn’t given up on having faith just yet. As long as millions are attending church, even if it’s not every Sunday, there’s hope. Use these statistics to help breathe life back into your church family and continue engaging members …