The Ultimate Online Technology Strategy For Smaller Churches

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Smaller churches are sometimes reluctant to embrace technology and take their churches online. However, having an online technology strategy helps boost member engagement and new church visitors. Odds are, at least part of your church family uses social media and mobile devices often. This means that part of your potential visitors are online too. Connect on a wider scale by getting your church online. It’s easier than you might think and the rewards are well worth the effort. Keep Consistent Branding One thing to always remember throughout your online technology strategy is to keep consistent branding. From having the same …

How The Internet Has Revolutionized The Way Churches Communicate

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It’s undeniable that the Internet has changed the way churches communicate. Gone are the days of a few conversations after church, only to see members again during service hours or special appointments. Now, it’s easier than ever to send an inspirational message in a few clicks or ask for prayers from hundreds of miles away. The possibilities are seemingly endless. While it’s true that some believe the Internet has hurt churches, the digital world has actually opened up more lines of faith-based communication than ever before. Reach Members Any Time Your members come to church to worship together, but they …

Get Results Online For Your Church

5 Point Checklist To Get Results Online This Year

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2017 is in full swing. Before we know it, 2018 will be upon us unless of course, the Lord comes back(smile). If you are already committed to utilizing the internet as a church, you no doubt want to get results online this year from your efforts. Are you are seeing good results online so far this year? Good for you and this post may help you continue to get results online! We are now approaching the first quarter of the year. As a church, I am sure you hope that by now you have some good strategy, processes, and goals …

how to make your website irresistible to visitors

Growing Your Church – How To Make Your Website Irresistible to Visitors

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Growing your church might seem like an impossible task, but it could become a little easier with the right website. The key is to make that website completely irresistible to visitors. Your website has the power to inform, engage and turn visitors into life long members. However, if your website turns visitors away, they’ll never even try your church. All it takes is a little effort to turn any church site into something engaging and irresistible. Avoid Driving Visitors Away Obviously, the first step is to avoid driving visitors away to begin with. We covered church website mistakes back in …

8 church SEO best practices to get your church found in search

8 Church SEO Best Practices to Get Your Church Found in Search

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You already have a church website, but the only visitors are your church members. Your website just isn’t attracting the traffic you expected. It’s a common problem, but one that is usually fixed through better church SEO practices. The idea is to make sure your church comes up on the first page of search results when someone looks for churches in a specific area. With just a little work, you can draw in visitors to your church’s website naturally. This leads to your ultimate goal – more visitors to your church. 1. Add Location Details When someone is looking for …

how your website can turn your church into engaged members

How Your Website Can Turn Church Visitors Into Engaged Members

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Your church website isn’t just a static page with a picture of your church and worship hours. It can be one of the most powerful tools you have in turning those first time and sporadic church visitors into highly engaged members. It’s always difficult to know exactly what visitors are looking for in a church. One or two visits isn’t nearly enough for them to get to know the family and community they could be joining. With so many people relying on the Internet to help them make important decisions, including where to worship, it’s time to let your website …

church website connect you to members

7 Ways Your Church Website Can Better Connect You to Your Members

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A church doesn’t have to limit how often it connects to its members, but it’s impossible for most churches to have someone available 24/7. Connecting with members means being more available and we know that you want to be there for your church family. The solution to not only giving members more of what they need, but growing a church, is to have an active website. Taking your church online might seem traditional, but the better you stay in contact with your members, even on days when there isn’t a service or event, the more your church will grow and …

Church Website Mistakes

7 Church Website Mistakes That Scare Visitors Away

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At this point, we all know that every church needs a website.  It is the first impression of nearly everyone who visits your church. If we really believe it’s a first impression for most visitors, we have to be careful not to fall into some of the most common church website mistakes. Studies show that you have less than three seconds to make a first impression online.  Churches today must be careful to not drive visitors away by making some of the following mistakes. Church Website Mistake #1 – Pastor Focused Homepage This is the homepage where the main image is a …

church website photography

How to Choose Compelling Church Website Photography

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Let’s talk about Church Website Photography. More specifically, Compelling Church Website Photography! So everyone has heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This saying has been around forever and is definitely over-used. However I believe it holds true even more now than in years past. Why? A recent study shows that people on average across the Internet, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, and Radio are hit with 360 marketing messages daily! So this means you have to visually stand out big time to get people’s attention these days with whatever it is you want them to know about you. …

church website appears on google

How To Make Sure Your Church Website Appears On Google

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Fact: People are using Google for every little decision they make in life. We Google restaurants, transportation schedules, dry cleaners, and tree trimmers.  Just this week I entered this three word phrase into a google search box: Best Hair Comb. As embarrassing as that is, it illustrates the fact that people search for literally everything you can imagine. Churches need to start taking this to heart. For centuries churches have understood that visibility was important.  This is why churches were built with spires or crosses that rose above all the other buildings in town.  It made the church and it’s mission …