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INFOGRAPHIC – Responsive Web Design For Churches

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We hear more questions about Responsive Web Design than any other topic in church web design.  People are well aware that church websites need to be mobile friendly and Responsive Design is the best way to do just that. A bad mobile experience is an easy way to scare church visitors away. Every church needs to take their mobile online presence very seriously. If you don’t know what Responsive Design is, this Infographic can serve as a crash course. If you need a responsive church website that will help you reach more people in your community, we can help. Responsive Web …

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Mobile Friendly Church Websites Are No Longer Optional

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When thinking about mobile friendly church websites, it may be best to start by looking at the past. It used to be that when a church needed a website they would have one developed and check it in a variety of different browsers.  There a was a time when almost everyone used Internet Explorer (You are not still using IE are you?) but it was still important that you checked to make sure your church website worked well in Firefox, and Safari, and the fledgling Chrome browser.  The reasoning was that we wanted the doors to our churches to be …