8 church SEO best practices to get your church found in search

8 Church SEO Best Practices to Get Your Church Found in Search

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You already have a church website, but the only visitors are your church members. Your website just isn’t attracting the traffic you expected. It’s a common problem, but one that is usually fixed through better church SEO practices. The idea is to make sure your church comes up on the first page of search results when someone looks for churches in a specific area. With just a little work, you can draw in visitors to your church’s website naturally. This leads to your ultimate goal – more visitors to your church. 1. Add Location Details When someone is looking for …

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How To Make Sure Your Church Website Appears On Google

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Fact: People are using Google for every little decision they make in life. We Google restaurants, transportation schedules, dry cleaners, and tree trimmers.  Just this week I entered this three word phrase into a google search box: Best Hair Comb. As embarrassing as that is, it illustrates the fact that people search for literally everything you can imagine. Churches need to start taking this to heart. For centuries churches have understood that visibility was important.  This is why churches were built with spires or crosses that rose above all the other buildings in town.  It made the church and it’s mission …

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Church Website SEO | Four Tips To Improve Your Ranking

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Church Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more important today that it ever has been.  It is the way we learn about just about everything. Need a plumber? Google it. Want to know if a restaurant is any good? Ask Siri. This is how we make decisions. The bigger the decision, the more likely someone is to start with an online search. If people are unwilling to go to a restaurant before they check out the reviews online, they are certainly going to do several searches before they buy a car, or a new home. And one of the biggest …