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7 Ways Your Church Website Can Better Connect You to Your Members

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A church doesn’t have to limit how often it connects to its members, but it’s impossible for most churches to have someone available 24/7. Connecting with members means being more available and we know that you want to be there for your church family. The solution to not only giving members more of what they need, but growing a church, is to have an active website. Taking your church online might seem traditional, but the better you stay in contact with your members, even on days when there isn’t a service or event, the more your church will grow and …

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An Interactive Church Website Past to Present

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What is an interactive church website, really? If you have been a part of or have known a little about the church web industry for a while now you will have heard the words “interactive church website” a time or two for sure. When church websites were born on the internet they all started out like very static brochures or were postcard-like pages. They just gave the user who came to the website the information the organization felt that user needed to have. But when did an interactive church website become important? Well after a couple years, the need for …