Church Leadership Is A Tough Gig

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One of the most difficult leadership roles is a church leader. In fact, church leadership ranks as number five out of nine on Forbes for toughest leadership positions. Of course, this doesn’t mean church leaders don’t love their jobs. Whether they’re being paid or they’re volunteering, being a leader in a church is fulfilling. From the outside, it might not seem quite so hard, but it’s important to think about all the responsibilities and how different church leaders are from other types of leaders. Leaders Aren’t Perfect Most people don’t expect leaders to be absolutely perfect, but when it comes …

What Teen Ministry Attenders Wish Their Parents Knew

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It’s not uncommon for parents to rely on teen ministry groups to take care of their teen’s spiritual needs. What parents may not realize is that their teens need their parents more now than ever. In fact, most teens talk about issues that they wish their parents knew more about. While teen ministry groups feel like a safe place, they’d love to share more with their parents. Most importantly, they want their parents to understand them. It’s Okay To Be Involved A common misunderstanding about teens is they don’t want their parents involved in their lives. Yes, teens tend to be …

Why Leadership In Churches Matters

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One of the most important things that church members and visitors are looking for is effective and engaging leadership in a church. Leadership in churches is about far more than just a title. It’s about how leaders engage with the church community. It’s the leaders that inspire members to keep coming back and help grow the church. Without the right leaders, it’s difficult for a church to continue to thrive for generations. Guide The Community Through Changes Church isn’t the same as it was 100 years ago. As times change, so do churches. However, there is always some hesitance from …

how to make your church's tech engaging to millennials

How To Make Your Church’s Technology Engaging to Millennials

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It’s a problem that churches face every day – millennials are leaving and not coming back. This disturbing trend comes from millennials wanting something different from their church. Their lifestyles are different now and they want to be part of a community that reflects those differences. While many churches try to appeal to millennials with fun technology, your church’s technology needs to be engaging to millennials. Luckily, that’s not nearly as difficult as you might think. Keep Technology Relevant Tech trends change rapidly and millennials pay close attention to trends. Why else would they stand outside in the pouring rain …

church website connect you to members

7 Ways Your Church Website Can Better Connect You to Your Members

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A church doesn’t have to limit how often it connects to its members, but it’s impossible for most churches to have someone available 24/7. Connecting with members means being more available and we know that you want to be there for your church family. The solution to not only giving members more of what they need, but growing a church, is to have an active website. Taking your church online might seem traditional, but the better you stay in contact with your members, even on days when there isn’t a service or event, the more your church will grow and …